We want to give thanks to the Chinook and acknowledge that a lot of us are settled here on stolen land. We acknowledge that the settler colonizers and those of us who are displaced occupy your land, we honor and respect the Chinook unlike this government. We intend to be better allies to our Native or Indigenous community members by sharing resources in which we can support, any offerings, and learn about the land we occupy without placing labor on our Native or Indigenous friends and or community members.

Important reading to complete:

Settler Fragility

Here are the suggested websites we use to be learn about the land we occupy:

Decolonize Myself- A First Nations Perspective

CBC Indigenous

Indigenous Peoples’ History

This where you can direct your resources to:

Red Lodge

Toki Amanwani Project

Chinook Indian Nation

RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment

We will continue to update this page as we continue to do our own work as people that occupy this land.